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شپږم فورم معلومات

Please click on the link to complete your Sixth Form Application at St Regis Sixth form. If you are intending on joining the Basketball Academy please complete the standard application and indicate your intention as appropriate. 


You can save your application and return to it at anytime.


At St Peter’s and St Regis Collegiate Sith Form our job is to make sure all our students flourish. That means to be well prepared for each challenge, ready to help others, happy, and to grow the best version of themselves. If a young person joins us, they can expect to be successful. Our Sixth Formers find their success with us by looking at four connected things.


Passing Exams

This is often the main reason young people join our Sixth Form. We measure our own success through the achievements of our students - who should expect to achieve the exam grades they need. Our team of excellent teachers and mentors are ready to help students organize themselves, stay motivated and deliver their best in exams.


Future Planning

Alongside all the academic study we have an experienced team of staff focused upon preparation for further education and employment. Support is available for whatever the next steps are. If a student wants to go to a university we have support to help prepare them for entry and find the right college. We offer individual support for those students looking for elite universities. There are visits to and from universities near and far. Students who like the idea of further study whilst earning some money will benefit from our apprenticeship advice and guidance. We have made strong connections with employers and can help our students make important decisions based on their own experiences of work.



Enrichment experiences can be almost anything that helps a young person as they develop. We think it is important to provide young people with as many experiences as possible. It helps puts the study and planning into a healthy context. Our team spend their time working with each student to decide which are the best activities, trips, and experiences for them. The menu available to all students includes access to free sports facilities, trips to universities, companies, art venues and exciting places in this and other countries.


Enjoying life now

The ages between 16 and 18 are arguably the most difficult to navigate. During these years young people are busy becoming adults, seeking some independence, and deciding what they want – all with the added pressure of some very difficult exams, applications for university or apprenticeships or a good job. It is therefore possible for everyone to forget that life should be good now! We think happy young people make the most successful students. With that in mind we have created spaces and have staff ready to help our students find their way and be happy. Being well supported, having someone to talk to, being organized and having things to look forward to helps make sure our Sixth Form is the place where young people are confident and equipped with whatever comes next.


E. Leek


Mrs E Leek 

Director of Post 16: Three Spires Trust. 

For more information about sixth form please use this link below.

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