Curriculum Overview

We endeavour to offer all our pupils an outstanding curriculum that equips them to meet the challenges they will face in the future, so maximising their life chances.  We also strive to ensure our pupils leave The King’s as confident and independent individuals who are able to adapt to the many challenges in adult life.
There are three elements to The King’s curriculum: the taught curriculum, the extra-curricular and enrichment curriculum and the personal social curriculum experienced at the school.

The Taught Curriculum

In recent years the government conducted a major review of the National Curriculum and made changes to ensure ‘more rigour and greater challenge’ in all key stages as well as encouraging ‘deep learning’ in schools. At The King’s this has led to a number of changes that were introduced at the start of the academic year in September 2017.

Key stage 3

During key stage 3 (Years 7/8/9) all pupils study the National Curriculum. At The King’s, pupils also have one lesson of accelerator reading in the two week timetable cycle. Priority is given to the core subjects so almost half of the teaching time is given to English, Maths and Science whilst ensuring that time is given for the creative, humanities and technology subjects that provide the breadth of study for all.  The number of periods, for each subject, in a two week timetable cycle is set out below.         

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum is delivered in a two week timetable.  The overview of the curriculum plan detailing the time allocation for each subject for 2018/19 is detailed below:

Computing in years 7 and 8 in three drop down days for each year group.

Year 7: Tuesday 8th October, Wednesday 23rd January, Friday 17th May
Year 8: Wednesday 24th October, Thursday 31st January, Monday 10th June
PSHCE is taught by a team of teachers and for 2018/19 is timetabled at different times for key stage 3 and years 10 and 11.

In year 7-9, pupils are taught either a grammar group or mixed ability teaching groups for all their subjects apart from Maths where the pupils are taught in ability groups after the first half term in the Autumn. 

Key stage 4

The Key Stage 4 curriculum is taught in Years 10 and 11. At this stage pupils have some choice in which subjects they study and are guided in the choices they make. All pupils follow a core curriculum and then are guided on to one of three pathways. Two thirds of the timetabled cycle is given to the teaching of the core curriculum.

Core Curriculum

All pupils follow the core curriculum of English language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science, either combined science or triple sciences and Religious Studies.  Pupils will sit GCSE exams in these subjects.  The core curriculum also includes PE and PSHE but there are no exams in these courses unless they have chosen PE as an option subject.

Guided Pathways

Pupils are guided to follow one of three pathways:
Omega – the academic pathway – students study for GCSEs in the triple sciences, either Geography or History, German and have a choice of one other subject.
Gamma – mixed academic and vocational pathway – pupils study for GCSE in combined science, either Geography, History or German and have the choice of three other subjects.
Alpha – the vocational pathway – students study for GCSE in combined science, have additional teaching in English and Maths and study practical subjects such as horticulture.
The option subjects pupils can choose from are Art, Business Studies, Community languages including Urdu, Design and Technology, Drama, Engineering, Food Technology, Health and Social Care, Horticulture, ICT, Photography, Physical Education and Music.  

Year 9 Preferences


The King’s post 16 curriculum offers level 2 and level 3 courses.  The King’s is part of the 6th Form Consortium in Wolverhampton which allows greater choice and flexibility for our students.

Foundation Pathway (Level 2)

Students who did not secure level 2 (equivalent of 5 GCSEs at C (4)) at the end of year 11 can enrol for the one year Foundation pathway.  Students study for a BTec in Travel and Tourism and English and Maths if they have not achieved 4 in English Language or English Literature and Maths.

Level 3 Courses

The King’s offers a broad range of subjects at level 3. Students choose 3 subjects to study for the two years in the sixth form.  The full list of subjects and courses is given in The King’s 6th Form prospectus. 

Sixth form prospectus

In year 7, students are taught in mixed ability teaching groups for all their subjects apart from Maths where the students are taught in ability groups after the first half term in the Autumn.   Then in Year 8, students are taught in ability sets for all their subjects. Currently in year 9, students are taught in ability sets for the core subjects English, Maths and Science and are taught in mixed ability groups for all other subjects.