School behaviour

At The King’s CE School strong teaching and learning, based around a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum, drives our school community forward.  Our Church of England ethos, and our Self-Discipline for Learning behaviour system, supports this important work, and is based on our four Core Values of Empathy, Respect, Responsibility and Forgiveness; which underpins all of our work here at The King’s CE School.

Responsibility and Self-Control

We are ALL responsible for our own behaviour and actions, and by encouraging pupils to take personal responsibility for their behaviour we work together to build a positive, well-managed and self-disciplined school community.  Our aim is to support and encourage pupils to make the right choices so that they thrive academically and become respectful, resilient and responsible citizens.

Self-Discipline for Learning Behaviour System

Our SDfL system is designed to consistently manage and encourage the self-regulation of our pupils and provide clarity at any point in time about what pupils need to do to improve their behaviour, how they can do this and what will happen if they do not show improvement. There are clear stages of intervention at all levels by members of staff to ensure that pupils receive the right level of support and this information is available to parents/ carers through our partnership with Class Charts.
We aim to promote positive behaviour throughout our school community and celebrate those pupils who ‘get things right’ through a range of rewards and opportunities that include participating in our ’20:20 Club’ for the highest performing pupils. Pupils who demonstrate significant behavioural improvements are also rewarded and can earn lost SDfL points back, reflecting our school’s forgiving and empathetic virtues. We understand that pupils will make mistakes, but we do expect them to acknowledge and learn from them so that they continue to grow and develop into excellent learners.

Our Shared Expectations of a pupil

Our pupils understand what it means to be an ‘outstanding pupil’. They have helped to create our ‘shared expectations’ posters below to ensure that all members of our school community are clear about what we expect from them.

Expectations Posters