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School behaviour

Learning and achievement are the focus of our school. We depend upon each other to make it possible for us:

  • to work safely successfully and happily

  • to be pleased at the success of others

  • to treat others as we would wish to be treated

  • to ensure our school is one to which we are proud to belong

We always speak politely to everyone – even if we feel bad-tempered! Use a quiet voice and never use offensive language. Act responsibly and get support from a teacher if we feel we cannot talk through a difficult situation with another student without losing your temper.
"Aspire to be the best that they can be..."

We move about the school quietly, showing consideration for others. This means NEVER running, pushing or shouting, but ALWAYS being ready to help by opening doors standing back to let others pass, and helping to carry things. On the corridors and the stairs KEEP TO THE LEFT to help everyone to move easily and safely
We treat other people’s belongings as we would treat our own. Do not bring valuable items, such as personal stereos, mobile phones and pagers, into school as they place responsibility on everyone for their safe care
We do not permit hairstyles which promote advertising or other hairstyles deemed to be sculptured. We appreciate parents continued co-operation in ensuring that our children do not succumb to the vagaries of fashion in this way
In class we make it easy for everyone to work and learn together. This means arriving on time with all the books and equipment we need for that lesson, always being courteous, listening carefully, following instructions, helping each other when appropriate, and sensible and orderly at all times

We are quiet whenever it is necessary
We keep the school clean and tidy, so that it is a pleasant place we can all enjoy and be proud of. This means: putting all litter in the bins; eating only at break and lunch time; never bringing chewing gum, drink cans or bottles into school; keeping the walls and furniture clean and unmarked; never bringing felt tipped pens into school; taking great care of displays, especially other people’s work
We always wear our full school uniform. We bring a note from home if we are unable to wear full uniform for any reason.
We should always remember that the school’s reputation depends on how we look and behave.